Let me say that in order to understand the history of WET-SEAL, you first have to understand where and how WET-SEAL,also known as CON-AGUA, came into existence.  In the 1980s WET-SEAL, and many others, came from one place, and that is what exists as Vandex. Vandex was the first product to exist in the market that worked by crystallizing the water that penetrated the cement.

Vandex was invented by a man name Lauritz Jensen in 1946, which later he passed it on to his daughter Rita, who ran Vandex until the 1980s. Things began to take a change for Vandex, when Rita decided to sell the name Vandex its components to the Swiss company that is now selling Vandex. The products that are out there today, that perform as concrete crystallization, all have to be grateful to Vandex.

Before 1980, Vandex sold only Vandex, where it was produced in Denmark.After 1980 Vandex was sold to a Swiss company,which already existed as a company that sold other products.  If anyone has a better version of the history and would like to send, please do.  Vandex has other products like Premix, which is the same as Vandex Super, with the difference being that it contains more sand so that it can be used as a mortar. For those of you that have not used the additive before, we can visually prove to you that our WET-SEAL additive does work,and you too can prove it to yourself, by doing our test called: