WET-SEAL can become a special mortar mix that may help in solving other types of problems that might require a mortar mix, and this special mortar can be made from the regular WET-SEAL finished product by just adding fine sand.


Let me also share some information that relates to sand: sand is needed when preparing concrete, because sand reduces shrinkage. As an example, concrete that is at 5000 psi will contain more cement and less sand in its mixture.  This is very good for columns, using a concrete mixture that is 5000 psi for walls. However, it is not good for floors because it will develop shrinkage cracks.  For this reason some slabs are poured at 3000-3500 psi in order to reduce shrinkage cracks. I have seen contractors pour cement at 2500 psi in order to reduce shrinkage cracks, but then they end up with a slab that becomes a problem because of the porosity, caused by having too much sand in the mixture.  This is a problem that our product will correct.


Sand does have certain functions; it is great to use on walls made of blocks that are very porous.  For example, if you add 25-50% of fine grain sand to our finished product, you will get a mixture that will help in filling up the open pores that exist in cement blocks.


If you are planning to store this mixture for long periods, then you should make sure that the sand is as dry as possible.  All you have to do is keep the sand in a dry area for a few days, or let the sand dry in the sun since removing the moisture in the sand the finished product will last longer.


There is a famous material called WATER PLUG that is used for plugging severe (critical) leaks in concrete, such as may occur in water tanks or similar structures, where you will need the finished product to set up faster, as in drying time, as in minutes.