The WET-SEAL additive, after it has been mixed with 55 pounds of Portland cement, and water
is added will bond the WET-SEAL chemicals, so that it can be applied to the concrete, and after
a 24-hour drying period, will allow water to penetrate, becoming chemically charged and thereby
developing a network of crystals within the capillary tracks and shrinkage cracks of the concrete.
While most other products merely cover the superficial pores of the concrete, WET-SEAL initiates a deeply penetrating chemical process, which continually guards the cured structure from subsequent moisture. Indeed, this is WET-SEAL’S greatest advantage: it has the capacity to reactivate the sealing process whenever in the presence of water and no re-application is necessary.

Although the crystalline growth within the capillary tracks blocks the subsequent passage ofwater, the concrete continues “breathing”. Inasmuch as these crystals become integrated into thestructure, the treatment decreases the concrete’s natural porosity, thereby increasing its density.  Subsequently, once the concrete is cured, the reinforcing steel is spared further erosion caused by oxidation.

Sealants, membranes, and built-up systems usually call for a dry surface before the applicationcan take place; this is not always possible since concrete normally retains moisture. WET-SEAL requires a thoroughly moistened surface before application. New concrete is ideal for the product’s maximum effectiveness, since moisture is present throughout. Old concrete should be presoaked prior to application. The application is simple, but its’ uses are diverse. The ready-to-mix powder requires only water for its application. When applied and dried, the WET-SEAL treatment once again requires moisture to initiate a chemical reaction within the concrete,thereby activating the curing process.

WET-SEAL offers a maximum diversity of uses: “one product does it all.” It waterproofs any type of concrete or blocks structure in-depth and creates a waterproof bond between old and new concrete. It is also a superior active leak plug. It can also be used to repair concrete chips, cracks and honeycombs. Finally, WET-SEAL offers the architect added creative freedom; roof slabs need no longer remain useless space just to accommodate a built-up roof with guaranteed restrictions. With the WET-SEAL treatment, any structurally sound concrete roof slab can be converted into a landscaped oasis, a  stress-free environment with concrete ponds, pools, or fountains, or a recreational area for office employees or tenants. We suggest that you take our Seeing Is Believing test so that you too can see it visually at work under the worst conditions.