Use a nylon bristle brush or push-broom to apply the slurry solution.


1. Apply WET-SEAL slurry paint consistency over raw concrete or cement blocks which have been moistened prior to application, as per specifications.


2. Coat the surface evenly and completely,but eliminate all excessof the solution.


3. Immediately after coating, fill-in all chipped-out cracks, cold joints, construction joints, honeycombed areas, and holes with Portland cement mortar. Fill-in in laminating layers no thicker than one inch.


4. Tanks, cisterns, and foundation walls should be coated twice: “wet-on-wet”.  The second coat should be applied once the first reaches its initial set (within the hour). If the first coat dries, moisten before  applying the second.


5. “Dry/Float” (integration of WET-SEAL powder onto new concrete slab):  Upon initial set, sprinkle
WET-SEAL onto surface either by broadcasting or sifting with a fine mesh sieve.Quantity:  Two (2) pounds of the WET-SEAL finished product per square yard.  For a polished and dust-free surface, work into the slab with wood-float, trowel-float, or with a power trowel known as a helicopter.