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The Additive Formula That Does It All In Concrete Waterproofing

The Additive That Does It All In Concrete Waterproofing.

A more economical alternative to brand names such as Vandex, Xypex, Kryton, and PENETRON. All you need to do is add the additive to 55 pounds of dry Portland cement, be it white or grey. Hand mix both products until both are mixed together and now you have what is known as the finished product called WET SEAL / CON AGUA.

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In order to understand the history of WET-SEAL, you first have to understand what was the first product that existed, that performed as concrete crystallization, which was Vandex...


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To us WET-SEAL, we believe in proving what we have, that is that WET-SEAL does work, which you can see for yourself as a visual effect...