West Seal Additive of 7 Pack

West Seal Additive of 7 Pack


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Product Description

WET-SEAL will make concrete waterproof and completely watertight. Better yet, with our WET-SEAL additive formula you can produce the 3 basic products that are needed in concrete waterproofing:

1) As the finished product that will prevent and correct leaks and moisture.
2) Our additive formula can be mixed to become a special mortar.
3) Our formula can be converted into a superior water-plugging material.

Decades of experience as consultants in the field of concrete waterproofing rendered the
development of WET-SEAL,an extraordinary hydraulic cement for in-depth concrete waterproofing.
WET-SEAL describes, in a very concise manner, how the product works: sealing concrete with the very
same water which causes the filtration. It not only works with water pressure, but amazingly, it functions
against water pressure. Truly an extraordinary material, this special blend of non-toxic chemicals and
Portland cement provides the latest STATE-OF-THE-ART technology in waterproofing concrete and
masonry block structures in-depth.

For any questions, technical assistance or to locate a WET-SEAL distributor in your area or country please email us at: info@wetsealonsale.com